RWTH Biologists and Chemists Among Highly Cited Researchers

RWTH professors Dieter Enders, Björn Usadel, Ralph Panstruga, Carsten Bolm, and Magnus Rueping. Copyright: © Peter Winandy

In the recently published international citation ranking "Highly Cited Researchers 2014,“ scientists are listed, who have great influence worldwide in their field of research. RWTH professors, Carsten Bolm, Dieter Enders, Ralph Panstruga, Magnus Rueping, and Björn Usadel are represented in the current analysis.



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The ranking was composed based on the renowned citation database “Web of Science,” which is part of the Thomson Reuters media group. Publications from 2002 to 2012 formed the foundation of the ranking. Essays from a total of 21 subject areas were evaluated, including not only biology and chemistry, but also mathematics, medicine, physics, psychology, and social sciences. The ranking identified 3200 researchers worldwide, who, according to Thomson Reuters, “are undoubtedly among the most influential researchers of our time.”

The frequency that a scientific paper is cited by other researchers is crucial to the evaluation, in addition to the number of professional publications. This parameter is an important indicator of a scientific paper’s relevance and influences the journal impact factor, the foundation for professional journals’ reputation.

Bolm, Enders, and Rueping head the Chairs of Organic Chemistry I to III, Panstruga the Unit of Plant Molecular Biology, and Usadel the Unit of Botany.