RWTH Studies for Senior Citizens Begin Again


The new course schedule for RWTH Aachen studies for senior citizens is now available. A wide variety of topics and activities are available for the Winter Semester of 2014/2015.


The focus is on the regular courses from all faculties that are open to senior citizen students. With this program, RWTH Aachen is actively working on the dialogue between young and older people from which both sides can benefit.

Additionally, there are events and courses offered by teachers at the university open exclusively to senior citizen students.

The popular Wednesday seminar will continue to consist of contributions from different faculties. Topics include "Texts – Theses – Talkshows: Making Politics Through Language Practices," "Non-Conventional Fossil Energy Sources: The Chances and Risks of Fracking," "Florence – Readings of a Fascincating City," and many others.

Also offered are working and conversation groups that are organized and headed by senior citizen students themselves. Furthermore, the program includes a guided tour of the lab of the Teaching and Research Area "Cardiovascular Engineering" at the Helmholtz Institute.

Anyone Can Participate

For just 100 Euros a semester – the fee can be waived in some individual cases – senior citizens can choose from the entire program and put together a comprehensive schedule. Only a few courses require an extra fee. As an auditor, you are not required to choose a specific course of study. All individuals are welcome to participate, regardless of age or educational background. Participants will not receive an academic degree. This can only be obtained through regular studies.

Orientation Event

The induction event takes place on October 6, 2014, between 10am and 12.30pm. The location is HKW 5 (the former Heizkkraftwerk), 6th floor, Wüllnerstr. 1. After the event, there will be a guided tour through the university campus.

Registration period

Registration is open from September 8 to October 24, 2014. Registration documents and bank transfer forms are included in the course catalog. Senior citizens students who were admitted to the past two semesters will receive the catalog in the mail.

It is also available in banks, in some Sparkasse branches, and in bookstores in town. You can also find the catalog and course guide at some of the university's service centers, such as the Registrar's Office and the Info Center in the SuperC, Templergraben 57, or in the Info Center in the Main Building, Templergraben 55. It is available for download at the Studies for Senior Citizens web page.