Three RWTH Junior Engineers Receive Award

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RWTH students Carmen Marock, Saskia Schwidder, and Helena Voss have been awarded the 2014 Schüßler Prize in Düsseldorf. The prize has been annually awarded to RWTH students since 1995, when it initiated by Willi Schüßler, founder of Schüßler-Plan Consult. This is the award's 20-year anniversary.


To date, 22 women and 21 men have been awarded the prize; the budding civil and industrial engineers have consistently impressed the jury with their academic peformance. The award money, 5000 Euros each, is intended to help finance a stay abroad.

22-year old, Carmen Marock, has studied industrial engineering with a focus on constructive civil engineering since 2011. She is using the prize money for study abroad at the Swedish Chalmers University in Gothenborg. Budding civil engineer, Saskia Schwidder, born 1991, has studied at RWTH Aachen since October 2010, and is planning to study abroad in 2015 at Politecnico Turin in Italy. As of October 2012, Helena Voss has been a student in the Master's course of study industrial engineering with a civil engineering specialization and a focus on construction management and geotechnology. Voss is currently studying for a semster at École Polytechnique de Montréal in Canada.

Photo caption: Norbert Schüßler (left), Managing Partner of Schüßler Plan Consult, awarded the 2014 Schüßler Plan Prize to students Carmen Marock and Saskia Schwidder; Christine Voß accepted the prize on behalf of her sister Helena Voß (from left). RWTH professors Dirk Vallé (second from right) and Josef Hegger (right) participated in the award ceremony in Düsseldorf.