MOOCs: Knowledge for Everyone



Christian Gülpen

Head of Industry Relations / Head Digitalization / Industrie 4.0

Today, many professionals need to have a basic grasp of business administration and management, regardless of whether they have a background in business or economics or not. Furthermore, student from different fields see the need to acquire business administration skills to enhance their career opportunities. As capacities for auditing students at universities are limited, many of those interested in broadening their education turn to private education opportunities, which are typically quite cost-intensive.     


RWTH Aachen now offers an alternative route: In the winter semester of 2014/15, Professor Frank Thomas Piller of the Technology and Innovation Group and Professor Peter Letmathe of the Chair of Management Accounting make two of their courses available to the public.

In video lectures specifically created for this purpose, the instructors teach the basics of business administration to a broad target group of prospective students, students, apprentices and professionals. The online courses include weekly discussion sessions as well as the opportunity to participate in an online business simulation game. The lectures and participation in the discussion forums are free of charge.

Participants who decide to complete the written exams for the lectures at RWTH Aachen have the opportunity to receive ECTS credit points or an official certificate of completion from RWTH Aachen. In order to cover a part of the costs for the MOOC, a fee is charged for the credit point and certificate track options.

Source: Press and Public Relations