New Student Wing in the Biosciences Building


The Department of Biology and Biotechnology has now opened the new student wing in its main building.

  RWTH Professors Aloys Krieg, Marcel Liauw und Henner Hollert at the inauguration of the new student wing Copyright: © Martin Lux RWTH Professors Aloys Krieg, Marcel Liauw and Henner Hollert inaugurate the new student wing

RWTH professors Aloys Krieg, Vice-Rector for Teaching, Marcel Liauw, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Henner Hollert, spokesperson for the Biology Department, have now officially opened the new student wing in the Biolgy and Biotechnology Building. Present at the event were Patrick Schillberg, Chair of the Biosciences Student Counil, as well as representatives from the student body.

The student wing, located in building tract 42C, houses office space for the Examination Board, the Student Advice Center, the HSP2 Teaching Team, the Student Council, and others.

Furthermore, there is a computer lab, a group work area, and a learning room with up to 28 seats.

Source: Press and Public Relations