Continuing Education in Mathematics

Copyright: © Martin Lux

On October 25, 2014, in collaboration with the Association for the Support of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education at Schools, MNU for short, the Department of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen held a Mathematics Continuing Education Day.  


A broad range of lectures and workshops gave participants the chance to discuss new concepts in mathematics education, with the aim to make math teaching even more effective and attractive.

Dr. Johanna Heitzer, Chair of Mathematics A at RWTH Aachen, considers such continuing education opportunities highly valuable, as they provide the opportunity for an exchange between school teachers and university instructors and thus make it possible for the latter not to lose sight of the requirements of mathematics education in schools.

Furthermore, the high participation rates of the regularly held Mathematics Days are a good sign of the dedication of teachers, teachers-in-training, and students, who again and again come together on Saturdays to update and improve their pedagogical knowledge and skills. This year, once again, the Mathematics Day was well-attended, with about twenty participants in each workshop.

The lectures and workshops dealt with topics such as, “What Works: Determining Factors of Successful Mathematics Teaching” and “Computer Animations: Bringing Mickey Mouse To Life in the Mathematics Classroom.”