5 to 12 for the Twelfth Time – RWTH Aachen Science Night

Wrong way driver warning system Copyright: © Peter Winandy

The RWTH Science Night "5 to 12" will take place for the twelfth time when RWTH opens its doors Friday, November 14, 2014. With its comprehensive program and impressive entertainment, the event has been a staple of Aachen and the region's event calendar for a long time.


The event's popularity has consistently grown since its advent in 2003. The number of visitors has toppled the 5,000 mark for a while. More than 35 presentations from different research areas will once again be offered forming a colorful and diverse assortment. Live experiments, theater, music, and exhibitions round out the program.

At this year's Science Night guests will experience hammer-swinging monks, measuring with light, laser shows, and owl research. They can learn about black holds, supercomputers, SPAM emails, or the journey from grill to battery. However, not only science has a place here. Art and music will also be present. Students studying Romance Studies will explain what God has to do with fog, while sounds from the RWTH big band fill the Aula in the Main Building, and the supposedly unequal pair science and art is discussed a few rooms further.

Kick-Off: "Kopfball on tour"

The event will be kicked off by "Kopfball on tour“: Isabel Hecker and Burkhardt Weiß, reporters from the ARD educational program, will be experimenting live on stage at 7pm and 9pm in Hörsaal Fo 1 of Kármán Auditorium. All are invited to be astounded, join in, and win.

At 8:15pm, Professor Armin Heinen will elaborate on his interpretive approaches for explaining the break out of World War I 100 years ago. Through an exciting experiment at 10pm, Eric Siemes will demonstrate that chemistry doesn't just bang and stink – he will address questions like: What happens to soap in the microwave or how do you create toothpaste for elephants in seconds?

Things will get a bit more active at 9:45pm in Hörsaal II. RWTH alumnus René Beaujean, Executive Manager of GoalControl GmbH, will review the goal line technology mega project and take a look at the future of this technology.

Under the title "Frei Durchatmenn" Professor Stefan Jockenhövel from the Molecular Science & Engineering profile area will speak about treating lung cancer patients with living cells. To do so, biohybrid implants are being developed at RWTH Aachen with bioengineering methods. In their presentation titled "Damit keine Schaufel fliegen geht“ Drazen Veselovac and Matthias Brockmann from the WZL Production Engineering profile area, will present on the process monitoring for aircraft engine components.

Wrong-Way Drivers, Science Slam, and Physics Fair

Professor Markus Oeser will address the danger wrong-way drivers pose and present detection and warning systems that are being worked on in a trial study using a driving simulation lab.

The current will be raised in the Aula at 7:30pm for the Science Slam, moderated by Professor Heribert Nacken. During this scientific, yet short, presentation competition, students, employees, and lecturers from the university will wow visitors with short and to the point depictions of all types of scientific topics.

The traditional physics fair, made inviting and fascinating through its hands on experiements, also awaits guests this year.

The Bar Museo team will be providing refreshments for the evening.

Photo caption: One topic of the RWTH Science Night is "Drivers Beware! Wrong-Way Driver!" In collaboration with colleagues at TU Dortmund, a team at the Institute of Highway Engineering is developing an electronic detection and warning system.

Source: Press and Public Relations