Regulations and Effective Dates



In Effect Until (as of June 26, 2020)

Travelers from Abroad / Commuters from Neighboring Countries

In accordance with the legal requirements, travelers from abroad must undergo a 14-day quarantine if they have been abroad for more than 72 hours. This does not apply to individuals who

  • have stayed in an EU member country or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, or Northern Ireland, unless the number of new infections in the respective country rises above a threshold of 50 per 100,000 people within the last seven days (according to the estimates of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control). Please note that quarantine requirements may be imposed when travelling abroad on university business. For this reason, travelers are advised to check the RKI website regularly before embarking on and during a business trip.
  • have stayed in a country which, according to the RKI, does not require any coronavirus-related protective measures

This regulation also applies to business trips. Any business trips which, according to the above regulation, would result in a quarantine period must be reported, and the responsible university institution must ensure that the resulting quarantine regulations are observed. If any quarantine obligation arises during the business trip, this must be reported subsequently.

In principle, the possibility of using alternative forms of communication, such as video and telephone conferences, should be checked before approving international travel. In addition to a possible risk of infection, many states have imposed entry restrictions and/or restrictions on public life and mobility. Travellers should consult the Federal Foreign Office's travel advice for up-to-date information on entry requirement currently in place. Under the given circumstances, until further notice, it is strongly recommended to book flights exclusively through RWTH Aachen University's travel agencies.

until further notice

Duty to report infections of University members

Cases of infection of University members are immediately to be reported to the University Medical Center at +49 0241 80 94444 ("Hochschulärztliche Einrichtung")

until further notice

Order for employees with category 1 contact person status to work from home (for the usual quarantine period). Category one contact persons are individuals who have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus for at least 15 minutes in a closed room (face-to-face contact).

For an in-detail definition of category 1 contact persons, please visit the RKI website (de).

until further notice

Work-from-home arrangements for all employees, where possible.

For further information, please visit the RWTH Blog on the Corona Epidemic.

until July 31, 2020

Closure of study rooms and reading rooms

at least until June 30, 2020

University Library Reopens With Limited Service – Borrowing and Returning Books Now Possible

The University Library and the Medical Library have reopened on Monday, May 25, for the loan and return of books and other items. Access is limited to two individuals at any one time – please note that this may lead to longer waiting times. The libraries are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

RWTH members can again order books and other items from the Central University Library, University Library 2, the Central Textbook Collection, the Center of Patents and Standards PNZ, and the Medical Library using the KatalogPlus online catalogue. The ordered media can then be collected from the checkout desk on the ground floor of the Central Library and from the Medical Library.

The University Library’s study spaces and reading rooms will remain closed until June 30, 2020. Starting July 1, 2020, some study spaces in the University Library will be made available as a test run. The use is only possible under appropriate hygiene measures. The number of available study spaces has been reduced, a binding reservation for a study space needs to be made, and users will have to register upon entry. Further information

at least until June 30, 2020

Cancellation of all events outside of teaching

until June 30, 2020

Restrictions on in-person advising services

Due to the large number of individual advising services offered, it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list at this point. Please refer to the web pages of the University institution providing the service.

until July 31, 2020

No in-person lectures and classes

It can be assumed that all lectures will be held remotely in summer semester 2020. Any exceptions that might apply to smaller courses will be communicated by the course convenors as soon as possible.

until September 30, 2020 (end of the summer semester)

Written exams can be held, strict regulations apply

until September 30, 2020 (end of the summer semester)

Lab courses and practicals that cannot be carried out remotely can take place in person. However, strict regulations apply. Please carefully read the respective announcements.

until September 30, 2020 (end of the summer semester)


Excursions should be made possible under certain conditions. Further information will be published here shortly.

until further notice

No in-person meetings, except when absolutely necessary; 2 meters distance between all personnel.

In-person meetings of two or more individuals are only permitted to take place if they are absolutely essential to maintaining the current operations of the University and if it is not possible to use digital means of communication instead.

A minimum distance of 2 meters between individuals must be maintained during all activities. If this is not possible, the activity may only be carried out under application of compensation measures previously agreed with Occupational Safety.

Here you find guidelines on how to conduct job interviews (de).

until July 31, 2020

The University Sports Center has now expanded its interim program. The woodchip and running tracks on Königshügel can also be used again, but use is subject to certain restrictions. The outdoor fitness facility, the changing rooms, and sanitary facilities are still closed.

The Wildenhof water sports facility is only open for sports activities and as part of the interim program. For further information, please visit the HSZ website.

until further notice

Registration period for written summer semester exams May 1 to July 1, 2020
Deadline for the submission of final theses and term papers Please get in touch with the Central Examination Office ZPA for further information