Symposium on the Topic of Electronic Exams




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RWTH Aachen University will host the first nationwide symposium on the topic of computer-based exams on Monday, December 8, 2014.


About 180 teaching & learning experts, pedagogues, administrative staff, and legal specialists are expected to attend the symposium to discuss experiences with computer-based assessments.

Apart from probing the opportunities and limits of electronic exams, the symposium will shed light on the legal, financial, and organizational framework conditions for the new examination forms.

The conference is jointly organized by RWTH Aachen and "studiumdigitale," the central e-learning institution of Goethe University Frankfurt. It receives funding from Stifterverband, a business community initiative to improve the German education and research sector, and proRWTH, the association of friends and supporters of RWTH Aachen University.