Momentum and Energy Lead to Academic Success

The RWTH Department of Mathematics says goodbye to its graduates. Copyright: © Martin Lux

The RWTH Department of Mathematics says goodbye to its graduates.


"Admittedly, math is a hard subject to study. You had to bring a lot of energy into your studies to successfully pass exams and now you have reason to be proud." Representing the Rector's Office, Vice-Rector Aloys Krieg congratulated the mathematics graduates. Many attended and received their diplomas in the company of their family and friends. Aside from the Bachelor's, Master's, Staatsexamen, and Diplom graduates for the 2013/14 winter semester and 2014 summer semester, graduates from the Bachelor teacher training course of study attended for the first time.

Three graduates had an additional reason to celebrate: Marcel Hark, Jonas Kaszián, and Fabian Mies were honored with the 2014 Schöneborn Award for outstanding Bachelor's theses by Dr. Helmut Dinger, executive director of RWTH International Academy, on behalf of the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der RWTH - proRWTH e. V..

Successful studies - particulary in mathematics - requires not only talent and hard work from students, but also involvement and communication from the lecturers. The Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science Student Representative Council honors lecturers' work with a teaching award. This year Professor Erhard Cramer was honored for the "best independent teaching" and Dr. Sven Groß for the "best teaching support."

Photo caption: The RWTH Aachen Department of Mathematics recently bid farewell to its graduates.

Source: Press and Public Relations