A Career with the EU?!


How do you become an EU civil servant? What are possible career paths? What knowledge and skills do you have to have and what type of work can you expect at the EU? Dr. Carl-Christian Buhr, cabinet member of EU commissioner, Phil Hogan, and alumnus of RWTH Aachen will be speaking on Monday, January 26, 2015, 6pm in Hörsaal FoE, Kármán-Forum, about his personal career, reasons to work for the European Union, and life and work in Brussels.

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The European institutions offer interested and qualified applicants from all courses of study the possibility to pursue a career in Europe. With growing responsibilities, the number and diversity of demanding jobs, particularly in the European Commission, but also in other EU institutions, has increased. There are various opportunities to advance one's career or continue education, pay is above average, and the work-life balance is good. To put it simply: a whole continent is open to you!

This event is organized through the collaboration of the Federal Foreign Office and the Europäische Bewegung Deutschland e.V. in collaboration with the Alumni Team, RWTH Aachen Division 3.3.