Great Success for Campaign Against Leukemia


2,433 potential donors came to RWTH's typing campaign at the SuperC to get registered in the German Bone Marrow Registry, DKMS for short. This was 633 more than two years prior.

  Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

"Blood wasn't drawn unlike previously. A baccal swab was sufficient. This helped many to overcome their inhibition, leading to a larger number of donors," states medical student, Nada Abedin. She and her fellow students Johanna Sckaer and Luisa Averdunk supervised the organization of the event. "We received a lot of support from the Rector's Office and AStA as well as from numerous volunteers from all RWTH institutions," emphasizes Abedin.

Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg served as the event's patron and AStA Chair, Raphael Kiesel, didn't miss the opportunity to dress as a cotton swab with a Santa hat in front of the entrance of the typing event. This won over not only students but also many RWTH employees, who used their free time to register with the DKMS within eight minutes. "I support this campaign because I know someone whose life was saved with a donation," states Kristin Carlier, a Bachelor's student in applied geography.

Source: Press and Public Relations