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As a result, Gloy and Mertens will receive funding from the BMBF to establish their own junior research groups. As a prerequisite for funding, the researchers agree to conduct interdisciplinary research with a focus on the ageing society.

Dr. Gloy’s research group, which is to receive 2.5 million Euros in funding over a five-year period, is located at the Clemson University in South Carolina. The group focuses on “New Socio-Technological Systems in the Textile Sector” (SocioTex)

Dr. Alexander Mertens’s research team develops solutions for an “Age and Ageing-Appropriate Human-Technology Interaction with the Help of Tele-medical Systems and Services” (Tech4Age). His groups will receive 2.63 million Euros from the BMBF.

On January 15, the eight winners of the competition received their Funding Certificates from Federal Minister Johanna Wanka.

Novel Sociotechnical Systems in the Textile Sector - SozioTex

In the textile sector, the interaction with “intelligent“ machine systems and the increasing automation has led to changes for employees and workers in many areas. The world of work is becoming increasingly complex and requires enhanced and new competencies.

At the same time, the number of workers aged over sixty has been strongly increasing as well. This interaction between social and technological developments, seen from both engineering and sociology perspectives, is the focus of the SocioTex research group headed by Yves-Simon Gloy.

In cooperation with partners in industry and research, the group develops and tests demonstrators that adopt so-called Industry 4.0, "intelligent factory" technologies to address challenges in the textile sector. Furthermore, the group investigates the effects of new technologies on staff members, the innovation capacity of companies, and seeks to derive best practice recommendations.

Age and Ageing-Appropriate Human-Technology Interaction with the Help of Tele-medical Systems and Services” – Tech4Age

The TECH4AGE junior research group headed by Alexander Mertens develops target group-specific user interfaces for tele-medical systems and services. These systems and services are to support elderly people who suffer from age-related medical conditions and impairments, so that they able to live independently and remain in their homes without assistance as long as possible. Telemedical systems might be particulary apt to facilitate the provision of individualized healthcare services in rural areas, for example.

The engineers, computer scientists, psychologists and medical practitioners have joined forces to identify barriers for effective human-technology interaction and to develop solutions to remove them. The aim is to develop tele-medical products that are of high value to the elderly so as to ensure high social acceptance and medical soundness.

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