Cooperation Through Inquiry-Based Learning


RWTH Aachen to host "Aachen Dialogue“ on the Internship Semester for Students in the New "Master of Education" Course of Study


In February 2015, many Aachen schools are welcoming students in the new “Master of Education” course of study. The students seek to complete their internship semester at the schools, which is to prepare them for their future job as teachers and give them the opportunity for the first time to combine theory and practice.

Against this background, the Teacher Training Center at RWTH Aachen, LBZ for short, will host a conference titled “Let’s Be Curious Together: Cooperation through Inquiry-based Learning.” At the conference, representatives from the Vocational Training Region Aachen will discuss ideas for projects in teaching and research to be conducted by the students during the internship. Professor Johannes Wildt from TU Dortmund will deliver the keynote lecture.

The conference language is German. For further information, please visit the conference website:

Let’s Be Curious Together: Cooperation through Inquiry-based Learning (de)