Using Logos


Logo Use Is Voluntary

If you would like to use the logo, please make note of the requirements listed on this page.


Registered Trademark

Please note that the RWTH Aachen University logo is a registered and protected trademark. Infringement on the requirements for using the logo can have legal consequences.


Using the Logo on Written Papers

Under certain conditions, students may use the logo of the institution where they are writing the paper. This rule applies to all papers and theses that are registered starting April 1, 2015. In accordance with the RWTH Corporate Design, institution logos are always used in combination with the RWTH logo.

You must take the following into consideration if you wish to use the logo on a paper or thesis:

  • The logo must be approved by the institution for use on written projects. Contact the institution to find out whether the logo has been approved.
  • The logo must be used in accordance with the corporate design guidelines, and be placed in the upper right of the cover sheet. It may not be altered in any way.
  • The logo may only appear as it does on the sample cover sheet with the addition of the sentence "The present work was submitted to [Name of institution.]"
  • You must sign the declaration of use. If you are submitting a final thesis, submit the form to the ZPA. For all other papers, submit the form to the appropriate chair/institute.

Here you can find a workflow illustrating how to use the logo on written projects and theses. Furthermore, the leaflet on the use of the designations should be observed.

Special Regulation

Since there is no institute logo for the Faculty of Medicine, students in the logopedics and biomedical engineering courses of study may use the RWTH logo under the conditions named above. You can get the logo from your departmental advising office.


Declaration of Academic Integrity

In accordance with the General Exam Regulations, students must certify in a Declaration of Academic Integrity that they completed written work (excluding exams) without unauthorized assistance and that no other sources or aids were used other than those indicated. If the paper is also to be submitted electronically, the unsworn declaration must also certify that the written and electronic versions are identical.

For all written work registered from October 1, 2015, you must use the Declaration of Academic Integrity form. The separate, fully completed, and signed declaration must be submitted together with the bound paper versions of your work.