New Strategic Direction for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities


A new working paper sets out a future profile for a strong Faculty of Arts and Humanities at an integrated university of technology


On January 28, the Council of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has approved a conceptual framework that provides the basis for the “Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2025.”

The key points include the continuation of teacher training courses of study, a stronger focus on interdisciplinary research and teaching while acknowledging the importance of disciplinary independence, and the establishment of a Center for Ethics and Theory of Science. In order to promote the European idea, a new concept for the “European Studies” Master’s program will be developed.

The new profile will give the Faculty of Arts the necessary leeway to address today’s global challenges. Technology is always also a social practice that needs to be investigated in the overarching frameworks of society, politics and culture.

According to the strategy paper, French and Spanish will be discontinued as subjects of the Bachelor and Master of Education programs; enrolment for these subjects will no longer be possible starting in the winter semester of 2015/16. Students currently studying these subjects will be able to complete their studies within an appropriate time frame.

The strategic decisions were made after an intensive deliberation process within the Faculty. As part of the “Open Dean’s Office” as well as in working groups and in the Elders Advisory Council, individual ideas were collected, objections discussed, and solutions developed. The strategic paper was developed involving all groups of the University from students to professors.

The Rector’s Office supports the change process, providing start-up funding for four professorships reflecting the new orientation of the Faculty.