RWTH Congratulates 59 Apprentices for Completing Their Training

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59 RWTH apprentices received their completion certificates. During a graduation ceremony they were congratulated by Heinz Gehlen from IHK Aachen; Werner Möller, Head of Human Resources at RWTH Aachen; and Uschi Plum, Chairwoman of the RWTH Staff Council.


Lars Breuer, Christian Hofer, Markus Kähler, Dennis Markiewicz, Alexandros Gerardus Papadopoulos, and Marco Thomas were trained as electronics technicians for equipment and systems.

Vocational training to become an IT specialist with a specialization in systems integration was completed by Patrick Prinz and Murat Seven.

The following individuals completed training as industrial mechanics: Marcel Adams, Niklas Valentin Aerts, Mathias Christian Barteczko, Dennis Michael Breuer, Philipp Alexander Breuer, Dominic Brocks, Paul Bronfen, Omar El-Kerdi, Daniel Engeln, Ferhat Erdogan, Fabian Feilen, Daniel Manfred Jaklin, Thomas Keutmann, Robin Kolberg, André Krawczyk, Lars Kuhlmann, Kevin Loers, Dennis Opitz, Tobias Reichardt, Sebastian Schaller, Kim Thomas Schroeder, Maximilian Schuhwirth, Jens Stiel, Dennis Thomas, Marco Uschpalt, Marc Dietmar Weiß, Tobias Wipperfürth, and Ralf Zitzen.

Janine Cremer, Anne Gudrun Laidanick, Aleksandra Nikolic, Romina Reddig, Laura Rothkranz, Sandra Thiel, Guilia Weykopf, and Anastasija Wins will be employed as management assistants for office communication in the future.

Christian Janster completed training for automotive mechatronics.

Susanne Jacobs, Joél Neutgens, Max Rohrberg, Tanja Schlömer, and Charlotte Simon are now technical production designers.

Dennis Fuhrmeister is now a process engineer, with a focus on the metallurgy and semi-finished products industry.

Kevin Maximilian Kistermann will work as a materials tester, Dominik Sauder as a carpenter.