RWTH's Computer Science Graduates in High Demand


RWTH Aachen University tops the WirtschaftsWoche magazine's university rankings in computer science and industrial engineering.


Recognized as creative and highly motivated, RWTH‘s computer science graduates at RWTH are particularly sought-after on the job market. In its university ranking, WirtschaftsWoche recently confirmed that German employers particularly value graduates of RWTH, one of Germany‘s Universities of Excellence. After reaching fourth place in the ranking last year, RWTH has secured first place in 2020, a position it shares with TU Berlin). This result is particularly outstanding considering that other renowned technical universities have much larger computer science faculties and departments.

For the ranking, the WirtschaftsWoche interviewed 590 different HR managers at German companies to find out which university trains its graduates best for the needs of the company. RWTH topped the ranking for industrial engineers once again. According to WirtschaftsWoche, RWTH is "the favored university" here and in computer science.

"This is a great recognition for our employees, which spurs us on to keep improving at all levels," explains Professor Klaus Wehrle, speaker for the Computer Science department. RWTH‘s good reputation is also reflected in the current number of new enrollments, with 878 students having recently commenced their computer science studies at the university. "This shows that we are addressing the right future topics in teaching and research and that we stand for innovative knowledge transfer," Wehrle continues.

For example, a comprehensive mentoring program has been in place for years to support students in their first semesters. New additions are a Master's degree in data science and the Center for Artificial Intelligence. The proximity of Aachen's computer scientists to data-driven methods is also reflected in the department‘s strong involvement in the Internet of Production Cluster of Excellence.

Source: Press and Communications