Top Managers from RWTH Aachen


The business magazine "Manager Magazin" has published a list of the most popular universities among top German managers. RWTH Aachen is tied with the University of Cologne for second place. 17 graduates from each of the universities are now top managers among Germany's 100 largest companies.


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, came in first place with 24 graduates as board members. The University of Mannheim and LMU Munich follow in fourth and fifth place respectively, each with 13 board members.

Unlike in France, there isn't a concentration from just a few elite universities in Germany, according to the press release in Manager Magazin. These business elite are spread across almost all universities. Another particular characteristic in Germany is the large number of engineers in management positions, explaining RWTH and KIT's high rankings. The study was conducted by elite researcher Michael Hartmann. He investigated where the members of the board at Germany's 100 largest businesses (as of 2014) studied by looking at the resumes of 529 managers.

Source: Press and Public Relations


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