Outstanding Achievements in Teaching


The RWTH Aachen Teaching Prize, with which the University has recognized exemplary achievements in teaching since 2001, was awarded during RWTHtransparent.

  Aloys Krieg awards the Teaching Prize to the project "GandHl" Copyright: © Martin Lux Vice-Rector Aloys Krieg awards the RWTH Aachen Teaching Prize during RWTHtransparent. The medical students involved in the project "GandHl" celebrated receiving first place and the prize money of 9,000 Euros.

The prize can be awarded to group and individuals. Both student initiatives and teachers are honored.

First place and 9,000 Euros were awarded to the student group "GandHi," short for Global Health Initiative. The dedicated medical students wanted to initiate critical thinking and independent study. For this purpose, they organize talks by experts, short presentations, simulation games, and workshops. The students educate themselves in topic areas that are barely covered during regular studies, for example poverty or infant mortality. The students are supported by Dr.med. Michaela Weishoff-Houben and Privatdozent Dr.med. Walter Bruchhausen.

Second place for the Teaching Prize was awarded to the computer science mentoring team. All computer science students must participate during their first semester. As experienced students, the mentors offer events to present interesting and motivating topics. Furthermore, they can be contacted at any time by the new students. The mentoring program is consistently being further developed. The team, headed by Professors Uwe Naumann and Manfred Nagl, celebrated the award and prize money of 6,000 Euros.

The e-learning service in the School of Business and Economics, which is headed by Dr. Marcus Gerards, Professor Malte Brettel, and Professor Frank PIller, was awarded third place and 3,000 Euros. The innovative teaching and learning concepts contribute to sustainably teaching content and positive feedback from students.

Source: Press and Public Relations