Ursula Plum Is New Chair of RWTH Staff Council

2015 Staff Council Copyright: © Peter Winandy

For the first time in RWTH's history, a woman is chair of the Staff Council. Ursula Plus was elected chair as the successor to Hans Keller, who is vacating the position due to age.


The 56-year-old has been dedicated for many years representing the interests of non-academic staff at the Aachen Excellence university. After her schooling and studies she began work as a librarian at the University Library in 1982.

Plum, herself, spoke about the value of constructive teamwork. She will not only be supported in her responsibilities by her deputy representatives Dagmar Deußen and Nikolaus Merlotte. The Staff Council also includes Ralf Dautzenberg, Jürgen Kleinen, Jochen Lauscher, Petra Lütkemeier, and Patrick Tuschmo. The council has a total of 17 members. "We don't just go into the insititutes and departments when we want to get elected," emphasized Plum. The representatives look for cotact to employees and take a close look at the workspaces while there.

"Our offices on Kackertstraße offer a safe space to discuss questions, needs, and concerns about working conditions," reports Plum. The University is permanently growing and thus, so are the demands of the people working here. "Can I still do my work? How will we work together as colleagues in the future? - These are questions that are being increasingly asked in everyday work life." The staff councils must consider many elements to ensure good working conditions. They focus on how employment contracts are drafted, working hours, and how workspaces are equipped, from offices to workshops.

"It is important that management personnel treat their employees respectfully," emphasized the chair of the Staff Council.

Photo caption: The current RWTH Staff Council (from right): Jochen Lauscher, Nikolaus Merlotte, Ursula Plum, Ralf Dautzenberg, Petra Lütkemeier, Jürgen Kleinen, Dagmar Deußen, and Patrick Tuschmo.

Source: Press and Public Relations