RWTH Aachen Successful in Teacher Training Quality Initiative




Aloys Krieg

Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning


+49 241 80-94525



In a long-term quality initiative, the federal and state governments will support university programs that aim to further improve the education of teachers. Overall funding amounts to 500 million Euros until 2023.


On March 4, 2015, the Joint Science Conference published the names of the universities that succeeded in the first round of approval for the first funding period. Of the 80 submitted proposals, 19 were approved for funding.

RWTH Aachen is among the three universities in North-Rhine Westphalia to receive financial support for their teacher training development strategy.

Based on a strengths and weaknesses analysis, in a comprehensive deliberation process, the main challenges for teacher education at RWTH Aachen for the next decade have been identified. The strategy, titled “Gemeinsam verschieden sein“ (“United by Our Differences”), focuses on the following three aspects:

  • Diversity in education and professionalization processes in teaching, learning and research
  • Enhancing practical orientation and professionalization in teacher education
  • Creating support infrastructures for all aspects of teacher training

“We are delighted that our dedication to teacher education has been recognized, and that we were able to convince the experts of our strategy. However, we were able to draw on a broad range of preliminary activities,” explained Professor Aloys Krieg, the Vice-Rector for Teaching at RWTH Aachen and project leader of the initiative.

“Our approach to involve members from all university groups right from the start turned out to be successful once more. I want to thank all contributors to the concept and I am looking forward to implementing the planned processes.”