German-Chinese Team to Present High-Precision Cancer Diagnosis Tool


The digital image analysis system, MotiCyte-auto, automatically recognizes tumor cells and their malignancy.


MotiCyte-auto offers digital cancer diagnoses with unique precision and will be presented for the first time at the Hannover Messe this year. The image analysis system is the first machine in the world that can specifically identify cancer cells from any number of origins using their nuclei. The digital image analysis system was developed by the Chair of Imaging and Computer Vision at RWTH Aachen, the Institute of Pathology at the Krankenhaus Düren, and the Chinese microscope manufacturer, Motic.

The more malignant tumors are, the big the chromosomal chaos is in their cells. MotiCyte analyses the structure of cell nuclei and measures the amount of the genetic substance, DNA, contained. With the help of this multimodal karyometry, it is possible to automatically recognize cancer cells and their malignancy. The machine assigns the nuclei to different types of cells, for which it was trained by experienced pathologists with the help of a diagnostic gold standard. Cell nuclei that indicate a tumor, are presented to the doctor on a screen for futher control.

Swab Instead of Intervention

With the help of MotiCyte, suspicion of cancer in many areas of the body can be clarified. Surgical intervention is often not necessary, but rather a harmless swab – for example from buccal mucosa, bronchia, bile ducts, or cervix. Studies show that the diagnostic accuracy increases markedly with this method. In a study with 114 body cavity effusions, MotiCyte identified all 54 contained cancer cells, with 100 percent accuracy.

MotiCyte can also be used to actively monitor prostate carcinomas to avoid an operation that is often associated with complications. The futher development of a tumor, that is, its progress, can be ten times better predicted than if it were to only be evaluted under a microscope with the help of a Gleason score.

Quicker Measurements Possible

MotiCyte significantly shortens the time usually needed to microscopically measure cells. By automating the measurement process, a technician only needs ten minutes on average to measure instead of the usual hour till now. The system builds on the renowned and widely practiced method of DNA cytometry, which is also used in basic research: similar to cytogentics, DNA cytometry investigates which roles changes to the genome play in the origination and development of cancer.

MotiCyte-auto will be presented on April 15 and 16, 2015, at the Hannover Messe, Hall 2, tech-transfer – Gateway2Innovation, booth number C09.


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