Learning at the RWTH Aachen Language Center


At the Language Center, students and university members can learn foreign languages, and international students are given the opportunity to strengthen their German skills.


With about 40 staff members and 20 additional instructors, the Language Center is now in a position to extend its course offerings: as of April 1, 2015, the former section of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has received the status of a “central institution” of the University.

As managing director Dr. Robert Koch explains, “as a central institution with a new structure, the Language Center will be better able to teach communication skills and intercultural competencies. In this way, we support the internationalization goals of the University. Both students and staff members can participate in the Language Center's courses. Each year, about 10000 participants attend our 400 foreign language courses, and more than 2000 individuals are enrolled in our almost 200 German language courses. About 1500 students per year complete German language exams prior to or during their studies, and a further 5000 students complete language skills assessments.

At the Language Center, 15 different languages are taught, and there is a special emphasis on courses focused on technical, academic, and business English. Furthermore, the “German as a Foreign Language” program offers seminars and courses for students in English-taught Master’s programs and for students preparing for language proficiency tests required for University admission.


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