Recalculation of Grades Earned for Studies and Exams Abroad



Florian Hilfinger

Project Coordinator, Digital Recognition Management


+49 241 80 97855



If a student receives grades for studies or exams abroad, these foreign grades must be recalculated to be credited at RWTH. The faculties' examination boards or the persons they authorize are responsible for recalculating the grades. The recommendations below are for the individuals, who recalculate the grades. They should help to make the recalculation of foreign grades transparent, fair, and consistent throughout RWTH.

The table for grade recalculation is updated as needed by the RWTH International Office. If adjustments have been made that lead to a worse grade in individual cases, students can only request for the old version of the grade recalculation table to be used if the currently valid table published on this page is dated after the students’ submission of their grade recalculation request. A new version of the table, however, has no influence on grades already calculated on the basis of a prior version of the grade recalculation table. These grades remain valid.


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