Berlin: Exchanging Experiences in the Alumni Network


Full of rich experiences and impressions, the "Lange Nacht der Industrie" took place in May in Berlin, where roughly twenty RWTH alumni from different disciplines participated, sharing the experience and networking among participants.

  Alumni get together in Berlin Copyright: © RWTH Alumni Team These "core" RWTH alumni talked late into the night. Despite their differences, they found a lot of common ground. There is great interest to see each other again!

A look at the factory for V6 motors from Daimler or a look behind the scenes of magnet company Bogen, the chemical company Bayer, BMW, or Continental... it was all enchanting, offering new realizations and knowledge as well as interesting professional contact.

The impressions of the industry tours were so numerous that it was necessary to talk about them the next evening at the RWTH Aachen network event and get to know each other beyond the mutual Aachen past.

"At the nostalgic Scharzer Café, where Sven Regener's tragic figure Herr Lehmann also sips on his beer, we snacked on Aachen printen and watched as two old friends surprised each other at our table, seeing one another for the first time in five years!"

For the future: "Our participants couldn't be more different from one another professionally, which is stimulating! We want to use these differences to look for new excursion opportunities. We are also thinking of setting up a regular meetup. There are so many ideas!," said RWTH alumnus Tilo Beck. "The 'Lange Nacht der Industrie' could serve as an annual event for us."