My university entrance qualification is the IB Diploma. What requirements does my certificate have to meet?



  • The designation on each certificate is either “IB Diploma Programme Results” or “IB Diploma Provisional Results”.
  • The “IB Diploma Programme Course Results”, formerly "IB Certificate", and the IB Career-related Certificate are not recognized as suitable certificates.

Documents to Upload on RWTHonline as Part of Your Online Application

  1. Recognized certificates
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma, IB for short, or
    • Official Transcript of Grades from the IBO Cardiff/UK office or
    • Mixed Language International Baccalaureate, GIB for short, and
  2. Subject and grade lists for the 11th and 12th grade

Requirements for Recognition as a University Entrance Qualification, in Short HZB

A general HZB applies if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Attendance of at least twelve consecutive years of full-time education
  2. All six examination subjects have been taken continuously, i.e. in ascending order of grades 11 and 12 for two years
  3. The following must feature among the six examination subjects:
  • Two languages at level A or B, at least one of which must be a continuous foreign language as 'Language A' or 'Language B HL',
  • A natural sciences subject: biology, chemistry, or physics
  • Mathematics: Mathematics SL or Mathematics HL or Further Mathematics in combination with Mathematics HL
  • A humanities subject: History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Business and Management, or Global Politics
  • The sixth compulsory subject may be one of the following subjects: Visual Arts, Music, Theatre (Arts); Film; Literature and Performance, another modern foreign language, Latin, Classical Greek, General Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies, Computer Science, Design Technology, World Religions, Sports Exercise, and Health Science

4. Students must be able to prove that one of the three compulsory HL subjects is mathematics or a natural sciences subject such as Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

5.The six examination subjects must be graded at least IB mark 4. If a non-passing IB grade of 3 has been attained in only one subject, this can be compensated for if at least IB grade 5 and a total of at least 24 points have been achieved in another subject at the same level or a higher level as the other subject, i.e. HL or SL.


Additional Information

If applicants do not fully the conditions for a general HZB, they must pass an assessment test. Recognition as a subject-related HZB is also possible by successfully completing a one-year university course in a country whose school-leaving certificates open the door to university admission in Germany, either directly or after successfully completing a one-year course of study.