Secure Decentralized Communication in Times of Total Surveillance


On Wednesday, June 10, Professor Dr. Kalman Graffi, head of the Technology of Social Networks Lab at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf will give a talk on the topic of "Secure Decentralized Communication in Times of Total Surveillance."


Professor Kalman Graffi will place special emphasis on solutions from peer-to-peer research and research on opportunistic networks. The LibreSocial software provides a framework for fully decentralized, secure communication and data storage, which makes it possible to operate social networks in a secure manner and prevents surveillance.

The event is scheduled to take place In the E3 building (room 9222) of the Computer Science Center at Ahornstrasse 55. It is hosted by the Regional Informatics Group Aachen and REGINA e.V.

Interested indiciduals are invited to attend.


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