Self-Assessments: SAM on Tour


RWTH Aachen's SAM on Tour service for schools has been extended. The SAM team will now be accompanied by staff from the Student Advice Center when visiting schools. In this way, school students who complete SelfAssessments are able to get advice from competent student advisors.


Since 2014, RWTH Aachen has been offering the free SAM on Tour Service: A trained team comes with computer equipment to the schools. School students can then take so-called SelfAssessments during the school period and under supervision in a familiar environment.

The SelfAssessments are virtual assistants for self-evaluation for university study and are completed online. They serve as an advising aid to prospective students when choosing a course of study.

RWTH has a SelfAssessment corresponding to each of its fields of study, excluding medical subjects. The SelfAssessments consist of different questions and exercises and are oriented towards the demands of the first semester of studies. After completion, participants get individual feedback about their strengths and weaknesses with regards to the respective field of study. This gives them an idea of how much their expectations and ideas about studies matches the actual study content.

Furthermore, they have the opportunity to talk to advisors from the RWTH Student Advice Center to get individual assistance and advice.

SAM on Tour can be booked online. For further information, please visit the SAM on Tour (de) web page.