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RWTH Aachen is celebrating the 1st RWTH Motor Day 2015 on Saturday, June 20, 2015, with a big family fair and a classic car rally.

  Ramona Böing, Prof. Doris Klee and Hans Keller in front of a brown Porsche from the seventies Copyright: © RWTH Aachen Ramona Böing, Mitarbeiterin RWTH-Prorektorat Personal und wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs, Prof. Doris Klee, RWTH Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, and Hans Keller, former chair of the RWTH Staff Council

Engine research and development as well as innovations in the field of electromobility and transportation are core competencies at RWTH Aachen. The RWTH Motor Day naturally fits in well with the University's spectrum of fields. "We offer the citizens of Aachen the opportunity to learn about projects and technical developments during this event," said Vice-Rector Prof. Doris Kleer, a co-initiator of the event. "Furthermore, the framework program and classic car rally ensure that the day will be a lot of fun."

Information and Fun

The Institute for Automotive Engineering ika, the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives ISEA, and the Ecurie Aix-Formula Student Team of RWTH Aachen will be presenting themselves at information stands all around the Main Building and SuperC on Templergraben. There will also be stands from the Aachener Verkehrsbetriebe, STAWAG, and the sponsors DEKRA, Saint Gobain, MLP, and the Jacobs Gruppe. There will be two catering stations including a biergarten. Our little visitors can enjoy a moonwalk or show off their skills on a Segway or scooter parcours.

Classic Car Rally

Vehicles from five different classes will be admitted to the classic car rally, including the so-called "young-timer." "This class is, for example, for students, who don't own an actual classic car, but can nevertheless participate," explained co-initiator Hans Keller, former chair of the RWTH staff council and active rally driver. The tour is separated into two 50 kilometer components, each 1.5 to 2 hours. "By separating the components, the vehicles come through the fairgrounds once again and can entertain our attendees," said Keller.

Rally participants will have to complete a few special tests during the drive. They also have to pay attention to city limit signs and so-called "silent watchmen": extra signs with letters, whose order has to be examined after crossing the finish line. "Speed isn't everything," says Klee. "On the contrary: participants must drive cautiously, otherwise they will miss the signs." The award ceremony is at 6pm in front of the Main Building.

The order of the cars will be determined on site. Only starting number 1 is already clear. Prof. Stefan Pischinger from the RWTH Institute for Thermodynamics will be driving the oldest vehicle in the competition: a Fafnir 472 Phaeton from 1919, which has been restorced according to historical standards.

Source: Press and Communications