Award for Excellent Teaching

The RWTH Lecturers 2015 Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Reseachers at RWTH Aachen were awarded the honorary title of "RWTH Lecturer".


In order to recognize their outstanding achievement in teaching and learning, the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, Professor Doris Klee, presented the following eight faculty members with the honorary title of “RWTH Lecturer”: Dr. Viktoria Arling, Dr. Christoph Butenweg, PD Dr. Roger De Souza, Dr. Robin Kleer, Dr. Matthias Meinke, Dr. Stefanie Schuch, PD Dr. Timo Vloet, and Dr. Mathias Wien.

The award ceremony took place during the Talk Lehre event on June 24, 2015.

The RWTH Lecturer program is targeted at distinguished researchers with a doctorate with extraordinary achievements in teaching and research activities. In order to recognize this achievement, RWTH presents these researchers with the title of “RWTH Lecturer,” which is awarded for the duration of their employment at RWTH Aachen. Award recipients receive 15,000 Euros in funding for their research activities.


Viktoria Arling, Robin Kleer, Timo Vloet, Vice-Rector Aloys Krieg, Stefanie Schuch, Roger de Souza, Christoph Butenweg, Mathias Wien, and Vice-Rector Doris Klee.