RWTH Congratulates 63 Apprentices for Completing Their Training


63 RWTH apprentices received their completion certificates. During a graduation ceremony they were congratulated by Heinz Gehlen from IHK Aachen, RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, the chairwoman of the Apprentice and Trainee Representation, Hanna Haupts, and Ursula Plum from the  RWTH Staff Council.

  Copyright: © Martin Lux During a graduation ceremony in the RWTH Guest House, the University bade farewell to this year's 63 apprentices.

Nico Papenfuß and Niklas Otmar Wilden will work as construction materials testers in the future.

The following students finished training as chemical laboratory assistants: Marcella Blees, Laura Katharina Dahlmanns, Natascha Eickels, Melissa Plag, Tim Riebe, Diana Schillings, Corinna Stork, André Teppler, and Fabian Wolter.

Hanna Haupts, Isabel Rütten, Nico Strauss and Sebastian Vromen were trained as electronics technicians for devices and systems.

Vocational training to become an IT specialist with a specialization in systems integration was completed by llker Aktas, Nils Basten, Felix Frank Breuer, Markus Immanuel Funcke, Janin Christin Giersberg, Stefan Hartmann, Stephan Krinetzki, Volker Mertens, Matthias Müller, Bastian Pelster, Daniel Peters, Christian Alexander Reuters, René Tichay, Timo Urbani, Tim Valder, and Judith Margareta Dorothea Wald.

Tobias Kirschall is now a specialist for warehouse logistics, Matthias Fabian Kotulla an industrial electrician for devices and systems.

Vocational training to become an industrial mechanic in precision tool-making was completed by Kenneth Steven Eßer, Sebastian Feilbach, Fabio Filimbeni, Tim Halmes, Marcel Heinen, Martin Jansen, Nico Mennicken, Kirk Ramin Nokar, Alexander Peters, Philipp Richter, Daniel Sondermann, and Simon von den Driesch.

Stefanie Mareike Buchenau, Sabrina Fiedler, Sarah Hompesch, Nadine Samira Hudalla, Jana Hüllenkremer, Michelle Kadansky, Lena Lith, Jennifer Pobehaj, Stefanie Schüffler und Philipp Uhde will be employed as management assistants for office communication in the future.

Birgit Doris Jansen completed training as an automotive mechatronics engineer. Seyed Hassan Mossawi is now a machine and plant operator; Svenja Krieger and Viviana Rosa Bodensiek will work medical assistants in the future.

Timotheus Louis Schneider is now a management assistant for sports and fitness. Jaqueline Körner completed training as a technical product designer. Christian Krings will work as a process engineer in the future.