Claßenstraße Closed to Traffic


Claßenstraße will be closed to traffic for several months due to comprehensive construction work on the new RWTH buildings, which are scheduled to open in October 2016.

  Copyright: © STAWAG Diversion route map

First, the utilities provider STAWAG will install a new main sewer and provide power supply lines for the new buildings. In the fall, the City of Aachen will start major work on the adjacent roads. All works will be completed by October 2016 at the latest.

During construction, Claßenstraße will be closed between the junction Intzestraße and the crossroads Turmstraße / Claßenstraße.

Residents have access to Claßenstraße up to the construction site; delivery vehicles have access as well. The sidewalk will remain accessible and also serve as a bikepath.

Public transport will be diverted ia Kühlwetterstraße; a substitute bus stop for ASEAG buses will be established between Süsterfeldstraße und Kruppstraße.