13th Rector's Cup

A team at the 2015 Rector's Cup golf tournament Copyright: © Stefan Hense  

A dual start and taster course – there were a few organizational changes at this year's Rector's Cup. Another change: alumnus Dr. Thomas Ebert, who succeeded Dr. Hans-Joachim Vögeli as chair of GC Mergelhof.

It was the 13th edition of RWTH’s golf tournament for alumni, members, and friends of RWTH Aachen, hosted by Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg and Professor Reinhart Poprawe. Contrary to some fears, the number 13 turned out to be a rather lucky number. Despite all the changes, the competition took place without a hitch. The weather even contributed with excellent conditions and sunshine.

Professor Poprawe greeted many satisfied guests at the evening award ceremony in the SuperC. All of the winning flights and winners of the special honors were able to celebrate their success: the flight with the highest gross score included Mario Victor, Angela Vankann, Dr. Günter van Eys, and Christian Goebbels. The winners of the net score were Alfred Bulitz, Dr. Klaus Feuerborn, Dr. Martin Schönheit, and Anita Jakse. there were also two special honors: The longest drive for women was awarded to Ingrid Küsterameling-Bulitz, and Dominic Abel for the men. Katja Käppeler and Dr. Klaus Feuerborn won in the category "Nearest to the Pin."

A novelty this year, as part of the event, a golf taster course made it possible for 15 novices to get acquainted with this fascinating sport. Many of the grant holders accepted the Education Fund's invitation and attended the event. René Hanke proved himself to be the golf novie with the most confidence at the closing putting competition.

The Rector’s Cup is also a fundraising event to support the RWTH Education Fund. After this year’s tournament, the Education Fund is able to offer three more scholarships and received further donations. A big ‘thank you’ to all donors and supporters! "It's not just about the money. Students' personal contact with alumni and donors at the Rector's Cup is just as important," said Angela Poth, head of the responsible Staff Unit for Fundraising and Alumni.