New Program for Studies for Senior Citizens Now Available




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The new course guide for studies for senior citizens at RWTH Aachen is now available. The 2015/2015 winter semester once again offers a colorful array of topics and activities.


The focus is the regular courses from all the faculties that are open to senior citizen students. With this program, RWTH Aachen is actively promoting the dialogue between young and older people from which both sides can profit. Additionally, there are events and courses offered by teachers at the University open exclusively to senior citizen students.

As in past semesters, the popular Wednesday seminar is filled with contributions from different faculties. Presentations cover topics such as "Why did they do that? 9/11 and Current Terrorism" to "The Internet Service Providers Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Information and Market POwer" to "...and what happens when the Bible actually isn't right? The Exciting Relationship Between Text and Archaelogy" and offer time for discussions following the talks.

Studies for senior citizens also include work and discussion groups that are organized and led by senior citizens themselves. Furthermore, the progam includes a visit to ASEAG (Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG).

For 100 Euros a semester - the fee may be waived in certain cases - senior citizen students can choose from the entire program and put together a comprehensive schedule. Only a few courses require additional costs. As auditors, you do not have to decide on a certain course of study. Anyone can participate, regardless of age, or if you do or do not have an Abitur. An academic degree cannot be attained, since regular studies are required to complete one.

Studies for senior citizens starts in Wummer Semester 2015/2016, with an orientation event on October 12, 2015, from 10am to 12:30pm, in seminar room 603, 6th floor, in the "Heizkraftwerk" building, Wüllnerstraße 1 in Aachen. Those interested in the program will receive all important and relevant information at this event. Afterwards there will be a tour through the central areas of the University.

The registration period begins on September 7 and ends October 23, 2015. Registration materials and a bank transfer slip are include in the course program. Senior citizens who have participated in past semesters will receive the brochure in the mail. The brochure is also available in stands in certain Sparkasse locations and bookstores. It is also available in the Registrar's Office in the SuperC, Templergraben 57, and the info point in the Main Building, Templergraben 55. Additionally, it can be downloaded from the Studies for Senior Citizens web page.

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