Sebastian Vinkenflügel

  Sebastian Vinkenflügel Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Master Student in Energy Engineering at RWTH Aachen University


Professor LI Zheng, Tsinghua Department of Thermal Engineering, BP Centre of Clean Energy

Research Stay:

May to November 2013

Research Field:

Simulation Studies and Data Reconciliation for Modern Steam Power Plants

Sebastian Vinkenflügel did research at Tsinghua for his Master’s thesis using real data from a 1.000 megawatt Chinese coal-burning power plant. His work can be used to optimize the operation of power plants and to minimize the output of greenhouse gases.

The many discussions with Tsinghua students and with Prof. Li really helped advance my work. […] Students at Tsinghua love to discuss current political and technical topics – especially during meal times. At Tsinghua, I encountered unconventionally thinking students who often offered fascinating approaches to problems.

Sebastian Vinkenflügel