DING Wuwen

  DING Wuwen Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

PhD Candidate in Optical Engineering at Tsinghua University Department of Precision Instruments


Professor Robert Schmitt, WZL

Research Stay:

January to May 2014

During his stay at WZL, Mr. Ding´s focused on generating multiple optical traps. These optical traps can be used to capture and manipulate small particles such as dielectric microspheres and cells, which have become an increasingly useful tool in a variety of biological applications. He also worked on hexagon net surface design for stem cells culture.

I think the Strategic Partnership Program provides a meaningful chance for students from both universities to learn different cultures and carry out academic exchange to improve research ability. I really appreciate getting the chance to conduct my research in RWTH Aachen. I also feel honored to have the chance to become a member of the program.

DING Wuwen