Christian Windisch

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Aerospace Engineer, PhD Candidate at German Research School for Simulation Sciences & Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik at RWTH Aachen University


Prof. WANG Bing, Tsinghua University School of Aerospace

Research Stay:

November 2013

Research Field:

Simulation of high-speed flows in aerospace propulsion systems

Christian Windisch studied mechanical engineering and specialized in aerospace engineering with a focus on simulation sciences. His interdisciplinary research may be used for the development of scramjet propulsion systems for future space transportation systems.

The U.S. and Europe are very strong in aerospace engineering. I was interested in how China, as an emerging economic power, does in this field. The question was where in China should I do my research? Tsinghua is of course well known and when I learned about the Strategic Partnership Program, I decided to look for a professor at Tsinghua working in my field of research. I found him in Prof. Wang who had been to Germany as a Humboldt Fellow and was interested in inviting me and in sharing our research experiences.

Christian Windisch