Tobias Knobl

  Prof. ZHANG Zhihai Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

PhD Candidate at the Chair of Business Administration for Engineers and Natural Scientists (WIN)


Professor YANG Baiyin, Tsinghua School of Economics, COSCO Chair, Chair of Leadership and Organization Management

Research Stay:

June 2014

Research Fields:

Top management teams – the role of the Chief Operating Officer as a functional top management team member and his effect on firm performance and strategic change

Tobias Knobl is a graduate of the Tsinghua – Aachen Double Degree Program in Industrial Engineering (2011/12). For this research stay at Tsinghua, he established a new contact within Tsinghua SEM to the Chair of Prof. YANG, thereby broadening the network between the partner universities. His stay allowed him to discuss his research with Tsinghua colleagues and gain valuable insights and new perspectives into his field.

On a personal level, the opportunity to work in another cultural and very dynamic environment was deeply instructive and enriching. This stay allowed me and my fellow PhD candidate, Michael Stradner, to gain valuable feedback for our research. At the same time, we took the opportunity to introduce RWTH Aachen University and the Strategic Partnership Program to the Tsinghua Chair of Leadership and Organization Management and to the Department of Marketing.

Tobias Knobl