Joint Student Workshop at Tsinghua University on “Modern Combustion Engines: Fundamentals, Development Trends and Alternative Fuels"

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Organized by:

Dr. Florian Kremer, Chief Engineer at RWTH Aachen University Institute for Combustion Engines and Prof. YANG Fuyuan, Tsinghua University Dept. of Automotive Engineering in Education


November 10 to 14, 2014

The workshop brought together 20 students from Aachen and Tsinghua to learn about the fundamentals, characteristics and development trends in internal combustion engines. The workshop also focused on the potentials and future of alternative fuels providing examples from research on tailor-made fuels from biomass – the cluster of excellence led by Dr. Kremer at Aachen University.

Two sessions on gasoline engine and vehicle calibration were held by the powertrain and vehicle engineering company FEV China – allowing students to gain first-hand experience on industry applications.

Students had the opportunity to attend the 4th Aachen Colloquium China, listening to expert talks on the latest developments in automobile and engine technology, meeting representatives of industry and research and engage in networking.

Since the group was not too big, we had the chance to talk to the lecturers directly, to discuss questions and to have interesting conversations. During breaks and meals we quickly got in contact with the Chinese participants and we not only enjoyed discussions on the workshop topics but also intercultural exchange. The Chinese are absolutely helpful and happy to learn that we were ver interested in their life and lifestyle.

Friederike Philipsenburg

Here you can read the full report of participating RWTH Aachen University student Ms. Friederike Philipsenburg.