Dr. YUAN Jie

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Post-Doc at the Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics with Prof. C. Honerkamp


Dr. ZHAI Hui and Dr. YAO Hong, Institute for Advanced Study

Research Stay:

December 2014

Research Field:

Dr. Yuan spent two weeks at Tsinghua University IAS for an explorative research stay to identify promising targets for collaboration in the field of theoretical condensed matter physics. During his stay, he gave talks on the most current research at Aachen University and discussed topics and theoretical models of joint interest with researchers and students at Tsinghua IAS.

I established various new research contacts and we expect that at least some of them will lead to new results. I made good experiences with the people at IAS, we discussed a lot, went to lunch together and also enjoyed some leisure time. Hence, we are grateful for the exchange program, with which I could visit the top university in China, and share my experiences in RWTH.

Dr. YUAN Jie