Professor WANG Bing and XIE Qiaofeng



Professor Siegfried Müller, Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik (IGPM) – Professor Marek Behr, Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems (CATS) – Professor Heinz Pitsch, Institute for Combustion Technology (ITV)

Strategy Meeting and Research Stay:

January/February 2015

Research Field:

Professor Wang and his PhD candidate research numerical simulation methods of compressible two-phase flows to understand combustion instabilities in lean fuel burning conditions. To eliminate these instabilities and develop effective approaches for their control is important to develop new combustors burning fuel more efficiently and producing lower emissions – an important step in coping with energy depletion and environmental pollution. To discuss these interdisciplinary research questions, Professor Wang and Xie Qiaofeng visited three institutes at RWTH Aachen which address these questions from different perspectives.

  Professor Wang Bing Copyright: © Wang Bing

Professor WANG Bing

Associate Professor Tsinghua University School of Aerospace Engineering, Institute of Power and Propulsion

I successfully performed a short visit to Prof. Müller at IGPM and he arranged for me to visit Prof. M. Behr and Prof. H. Pitsch. We had detailed discussions on the topics both sides were interested in. In addition, we also had discussions with PhD students on their on-going research work. There are several topics of possible cooperation with the professors at RWTH. Therefore, I would like to say the outcomes of the visit are over the expectation.

Professor WANG Bing

  Xie Qiaofeng Copyright: © Xie Qiaofeng

XIE Qiaofeng

PhD Candidate of Prof. WANG Bing

RWTH Aachen is the best place for me to do a short-time exchange for its excellence in the engineering field, and perfect modern research facilities and resources. Communication with elite researchers in RWTH Aachen would definitely provide me a higher scientific and international thinking level on this interdisciplinary topic I am working on.

XIE Qiaofeng