Dr. Berno J.E. Misgeld

  Berno Misgeld

Oberingenieur at the Philips Chair for Medical Information Technology


Professor Linhong Ji,Institute of Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Research and Lecturing Stay:

April to June 2015

Research Field:

Dr. Misgeld spend two and a half months at Tsinghua University to teach a compact course inRehabilitation Robotics Modelling and Control and to establish a collaboration in the emerging field of movement and rehabilitation support systems between RWTH Aachen University and Tsinghua University. During his stay, he gave lectures and talks presenting the current research of his group, discussing advanced topics, models and control methods with the host researchers and post-graduate students.

The Strategic Partnership Program provides a good chance to establish new research collaborations as well as to gain valuable and memorable experiences.Thank you for making this possible.

Dr. Berno J.E. Misgeld