Optimizing the Computing Power of Processors


The RWTH AICES Graduate School is the fourth Intel Parallel Computing Center, IPCC, in Germany, making it part of a selected group of institutes, which conduct research in the field of parallel programming with the support of the American semi-conductor manufacturer Intel.


As a part of the IPCC program, RWTH researchers work closely together with Intel engineers, who will offer advice and support regarding the company's own tools and application codes.

Led by Professor Paolo Bientinesi and Professor Ahmed E. Ismail, the IPCC at RWTH concentrates on the development and optimization of fast and scalable algorithms for molecular dynamics. This is one of the widespread simulation methods for determining thermodynamic, kinetic characteristics as well as transport characteristics of different materials. One of the goals is to completely exploit the parallelism and computing power of different Intel processors and Ko processors. The result of this research will be integrated as optimized software into the widespread molecuar dynamics simulation program LAMMPS and thus be accessible to everyone.

The algorithms research is conducted on within the IPCCS, are some of the largest so called bottlenecks in this field of scientific computing. They take up a considerable amount of the entire computing time of supercomputers. The project's success will save millions of computing hours worldwide, leading to higher productivity.

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