Ceren Ayerdem

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Master student in Architecture at RWTH Aachen University


Tsinghua University School of Architecture

Study Stay:

Oktober 2014 – Juli 2015

Ms. Ayerdem was the first exchange student from the School of Architecture to spend two semesters at Tsinghua University. She not only took classes but worked on four different design projects together with her Tsinghua classmates and students of ten other countries.
During her stay, she gained valuable insights into architectural education at one of China´s most prestigious universities and into the way of working among China´s next generation architects. She was impressed by the competiveness of the projects and how students are trained to sell their ideas and to take quick decisions.

Without realizing you become a cosmopolitan. You become intellectually more competent and you lose your reservations. You discover yourself in a new light; you discover your strengths and weaknesses - and finally, you become extremely self-reliable. I recommend spending more than one semester in China because you need time to understand the country, the people and all aspects of life.

Ceren Ayerdem