Professor XU Shengli

  Professor Xu Shengli Copyright: © Xu Shengli

Tsinghua University School of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering


Professor Herbert Olivier, RWTH Aachen University Shock Wave Laboratory

Research Stay:

Three weeks in September 2015

Research Field:

Professor Xu works on hypersonics, hydrocarbon and hydrogen fueled supersonic combustion, among other topics. He also designs and builds shock tubes and tunnels for aerospace engineering. This was his first visit to Aachen. He spent three weeks with Prof. Olivier to explore the facilities of the Schock Wave Laboratory, to conduct experiments, to discuss research topics with colleagues and investigate future joint projects.

I appreciate the scholarship provided by the German Academic Exchange Service. I am grateful to RWTH Aachen International office for organizing such and exchange program and to my host professor Herbert Olivier for greatly taking care of me during my stay.

Professor XU Shengli