Parking at RWTH Aachen University

  RWTH parking grarage Copyright: © Martin Braun

RWTH Aachen introduced parking management in 2011. This means that anyone who wishes to park in a University parking lot or garage must have a parking permit.


Who Can Acquire a Parking Permit?

Essentially all individuals, who are allowed to acquire a Job Ticket, are allowed to acquire a parking permit.

Additionally, all the following individuals can also acquire a parking permit:

  • RWTH Aachen employees not allowed to have a Job Ticket, such as enrolled employees entitled to the Semester Ticket
  • Students and student and scientific assistants
  • Employees of other institutions, whose workplace is in RWTH Aachen buildings and exercise university related responsibilities there
  • Employees of RWTH Aachen Affiliated Institutes, who have made all of the surrounding space at the Affiliated Institute available as RWTH Aachen parking space
  • Senior citizens completing studies for parking zone U
  • Scholarship recipients
  • University institutions for their guests
  • Students attending bridge courses

Special Regulations for Students

Students are only allowed to park in parking zone U.

Parking permits for students are issued for one semester at a time. For this reason, students must reapply each semester to obtain the parking permit. Students can apply for the parking permit at any time during the semester, but they must note that the permit is only valid until the end of the current semester. Thus, the start date is variable, but the end date is always the end of the semester.

Please also note that the minimum fee for the permit is for three months, i.e. students pay at least three times the monthly fee for each semester, even if the parking permit is issued for the last two months of the current semester, for example.


Important Information for Individuals With Disabilities

Disabled employees, students, and senior citizen students who have the letters "G" or "aG" on their Disabled ID Card can obtain a RWTH disabled parking permit from the Representative Council for Staff with Disabilities, SBV for short, upon presentation of the blue RWTH parking permit and the Disabled ID Card. Please contact the SBV to apply.

If you have one of the letters "G", "aG", Bl", "Gl", or "TBl" on your Disabled Parking Permit, you will receive the blue RWTH parking permit free of charge. Please include your Disabled Parking Permit when applying for the RWTH parking permit.

Here you can find information about the different interest groups:



The agreement on the continuation of the parking management scheme at RWTH Aachen University has been extended to April 30, 2024. Below you can find information on pricing as well as the online application process.


Parking Zones

There are different parking zones. Your right to use the various zones depends on the location of your office:

  • If your office is located in Campus Mitte, that is Parking Zone C, you are allowed to use your parking permit to park in Parking Zones C and U. Here is a map of Parking Zone C.
  • If your office is located in the area surrounding Parking Zone T, you are also allowed to park in zones C and U.
  • RWTH parking available outside of these parking zones is assigned to Parking Zone U.
  • Parking zone L offers parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles. Parking is only permitted for electric vehicles and during the charging process. All RWTH parking permits are accepted in parking zone L. Outside working hours (6 pm to 7 am), the charging infrastructure may be used by holders of electric vehicles without an RWTH parking permit.

Useful Tip

Use the RWTH Navigator to view the parking zones throughout the University's campuses. Just open the settings menu in the upper left and click on Show Parking Zones.

RWTH Car Parks
RWTH Car Park Area Opening Hours
Street CIty Zone Monday through Friday Saturday Sundays and holidays
Professor-Pirlet-Straße 10 52074 Aachen U 7am to 11pm closed closed
Forckenbeckstraße 50 52074 Aachen U 6am to10:30pm closed closed
Campus Boulevard 30* 52074 Aachen U 24/7 24/7 24/7
Annuntiatenbach 18
52062 Aachen Special Parking Zone S closed closed closed
Wüllnerstraße 5b
52062 Aachen Special Parking Zone S closed closed closed
*Rented space, please note the signage!


Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

In collaboration with the City of Aachen, STAWAG, Regionetz, and other regional companies, 48 charging points were established at five locations on the grounds of RWTH Aachen University (parking zone L). These are located at the following sites:

  • Mining Building/Marienbongard parking lot: 3 charging stations, 6 charging points
  • Haus Königshügel parking lot/RWTH guest house: 3 charging stations, 6 charging points
  • Computer Science Center (West) parking lot: 6 charging stations, 12 charging points
  • Südspange Melaten parking garage: 5 charging stations, 10 charging points
  • Feuerwache Nord/E.ON ERC: 7 charging stations, 14 charging points

Once charging is complete, the vehicle must be removed from the parking space immediately. Parking without charging is prohibited in parking zone L.

Please note: During charging times, Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm, the charging stations are reserved exclusively for RWTH Aachen University employees. Outside of these times, Monday to Friday from 6pm to 7am, Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays, these may also be used by third parties for charging. Information on other charging stations in the City of Aachen can be found on the Mobility Dashboard of the City of Aachen (de).



The parking permit is free of charge for those who already have a Job Ticket. All other individuals eligible for the parking permit must pay a fee to obtain it.

The minimum duration is six months. If there are less than six months between the time of application and when your contract ends, you can apply for the parking permit for less than six months.


Prices for 2024

The charges for RWTH parking permits are:

Type of Permit Price
Parking permit 9,50 euros per month
Visitor parking permit 9,50 euros per month
Conference tickets 9,50 euros per day
Package of conference tickets for celebratory events
(package of 20 tickets)
19 euros
Workman parking permits 9,50 euros per day
57 euros per month
342 euros per year


An online form is available to apply for the parking permit. You will need your TIM ID and password. After the application has been processed your parking permit will be sent to your personal address.

Please note: You can specify up to three license plate numbers when you apply for the parking permit. Your parking permit authorizes you to park with corresponding vehicles. If you are using a rental car, please check the box Mietfahrzeug when applying.


Online Application and Security Information

Your data is safely transferred through a https connection. However use of the form and entering person information, such as account information, in an unsecured environment such as internet cafés, cell phones, or public WIFI is bound to security risks.

The individual submitting the application assumes responsibility for these risks.

We recommend using a RWTH Aachen VPN or a computer with the RWTH Aachen network.



Control of Parking Areas

The division ensures surveillance over the entire parking area. All parking areas are controlled at least once a day at random times. Parking area control is conducted by employees of RWTH Aachen.

If you do not possess valid authorization to park, your vehicle will be towed by a company contracted by RWTH Aachen.

Please note:

Place your parking permit in a visible field of your windshield so that the reading devices can capture the data accordingly.