Pupils to Learn about Raw Materials


Taking the automobile as an example, 15 pupils from the national “excellence network of schools,” MINT-EC, will conduct research on the extraction, processing, and recycling of raw materials. On Wedndesday, October 28, the group of young MINT scholars from all over Germany will come to RWTH Aachen for four days to learn, discuss, and conduct experiments.


“By hosting the MINT EC Camp, we want to give talented pupils the chance to learn more about the fascinating world of materials,” said Professor Wolfgang Bleck, the dean of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering. “We place a strong emphasis on the promotion of young talents and prospective researchers, as materials engineers are essential to the further development of everyday products.”

The MINT EC Camp, which has been organized in collaboration with the Division of Materials Science and Engineering and the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering at RWTH Aachen, seeks to inspire interest among the pupils in the innovative processes, technologies, and developments in the engineering sciences. Furthermore, the camp presents areas of application for subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and geology. In this way, it seeks to assist the future MINT experts in choosing the right course of study for the right career.


MINT-EC is the national excellence network of schools with a strong profile in the STEM subjects, incuding mathematics, computer science, and natural sciences. Established in 2000, it offers a wide range of events, support services, and continuing education offerings for school students and teachers.

The network, which is under the patronage of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German federal states, comprises 247 certified schools, about 270,000 pupils, and 21,000 teachers.


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