Enhancing the Profile of Teacher Education


Pedagogues must be able to flexibly respond to societal developments. To make it possible for teacher training graduates to develop a strong awareness of different talents and capabilities, RWTH Aachen has expanded its teacher education courses of study.



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Starting in the winter semester of 2015/16, students in the Master of Education course of study have the chance to attend classes on topics such as inclusion and heterogeneity.

As a result of the success of its training concept "Gemeinsam verschieden sein - Unified by our differences,” RWTH Aachen receives financial support for its new course offerings from the Teacher Training Quality Initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These inlcude seminars such as "Acting Professionally in Inclusive Setting" and "Stereotypes and Stigmatization."

In the next acacdemic year, it is planned to more closely integrate the new offerings in the courses of study by making them electives among a set of mandatory courses.

In this way, RWTH Aachen responds to the changing demands and requirements teachers are facing today. Addressing questions pertaining to dealing with diversity and inclusion in the classroom thus becomes an integral part of teacher education.