Full-Time MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change


Private Course of Study

Basic Information

Master of Business Administration
Start of Studies:
Winter Semester
Standard Period of Studies:
3 semesters
ECTS Credits:
90Mehr Informationen

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ECTS are credit points that measure the workload of one's studies.


Admission Requirements

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations Mehr Informationen

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  • Proficiency in English --- Mehr Informationen ---

    What does that mean?

    You must provide documentation of your language skills for the language of instruction at the time of enrollment. The exam regulations stipulate the relevant requirements.

Admission to First Semester


Language Requirements

  • See Course of Study Description

Dates and Deadlines

  • Application deadline for non-EU and EU applicants for the start in October 2021: August 31, 2021

Program Description

Prepare yourself to manage the digital transformation of industries at one of the leading technical universities in Germany. Learn how to use the potential of digitalization to transform companies into agile and customer-oriented entities using innovation and technologies to create value. Develop new business models and strategies in an entrepreneurial driven atmosphere and in interdisciplinary teams to constantly refine your leadership skills.

Digitalization has an enormous potential to optimize processes, to enable new business models, and to revolutionize the relationship between companies and their stakeholders. Accordingly, industrial organizations have to change fundamentally to become agile, fast adaptable and responsible entities driven by people having exactly this mindset and possessing the necessary business-oriented and technological skills to implement value-adding digital applications. Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) Digitalization and Industrial Change will equip you with these skills, tools, and mindset, featuring a strong industry focus at one of the biggest technical campuses of Europe.

The degree program will show you how to apply and integrate tech (digital) solutions to contribute to successful companies in transformation. Beside the expertise to lead technical projects and to initiate the organizational strategies linked to it, you will learn how to manage interfaces using your interdisciplinary skills while working together with your peers in labs to find real-life solutions on topics such as production, artificial intelligence, and customer understanding.


Degree Content

Our full-time MBA program starts with building up expertise in business administration, finance, economics, technology management, and data literacy as a strong foundation, accompanied by key insights and skills concerning transformational leadership. The focus lies on the practical application of your gained knowledge while the goal is to learn by experience how approaches from different disciplines fit together. Strategy development in teams based on real-life cases improves your skillset by integrating project management, intercultural communication, leadership, and creativity. Last but not least the MBA degree program aims at developing personal and leadership skills based on your individual profile.



Technology or Management Focus

RWTH Business School is looking for applicants who have a background in a technological area and a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or a business/economics degree.

Professional Work Experience

Courses within the full-time MBA address a broad set of technology and management challenges from current practice. Applicants thus need to have at least 24 months of relevant professional work experience.

The program is entirely taught in English. A recognized certificate of proficiency in English is required.


Career Prospects

The full-time MBA prepares you for leadership roles in the industrial sector. Traditional industries face dramatic and partly disruptive changes in their existing business models and supply structures. Everything is about customer-oriented business models and agile processes in organizations that enable fast loops concerning the integration of new information. Various production-oriented industries define the competence to manage interfaces and data, build up innovative customer relationships, and lead interdisciplinary teams as key requirements for their employees.

By participating in our MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change, you will make more than the next career step. Completing the degree program will help you to transform your career and empowers you to lead the digital transformation in your field – rather than just following it.


Examination Regulations

Examination regulations regulate academic goals and prerequisites, the course of study layout, and exam procedures.



The Master course of studies is offered by the RWTH School of Business and Economics.


For Your Information

RWTH Aachen offers some of its courses of study in collaboration with other (private) institutions. They are not part of the courses of study under public law, and thus are not governed by legal guidelines, e.g. university placement allocation.  Some have tuition fees and require a period of professional experience.

Information about prerequisites, application processes, the university placement allocation process, and academic content is available from the host institution, to which you are applying.